What is Physiotherapy?


Across the world, physiotherapists help people whose ability to move around has been compromised by illness, disability or injury. They help them to get back to normal, or regain as much freedom of movement as possible, and show people the best way to manage their pain.

Physiotherapists use a range of treatments to do this. Including massage, tailored exercises, heat therapy and laser treatments.

How physiotherapists help the sick

If you suffer from a serious illness, injury or are disabled a physiotherapist is likely to be able to help you. They will start by assessing the current condition of your body and work out what health problems you are likely to experience in the future. Once that is done, your physiotherapist will put together a treatment regime to minimise the negative impact that your injury, illness or disability is having on your life. Where possible they will help you to return to full fitness.

Physiotherapists can also help healthy people

However, you do not need to be suffering from a serious illness or injury to be able to benefit from the help of a physiotherapist. This is because the offer a range of other services that even healthy people can benefit from using.

For example, if you work in a profession that puts a strain on your body you could benefit greatly from visiting a physiotherapist. A properly qualified practitioner will assess the current condition of your body and identify any potential weak points. They will then give you a set of exercises that you can do to help you to address these weaknesses. Strengthening your body in this way will help to reduce your risk of work related injury and help you to stay healthier for longer.

They will also explain which parts of your body your job is putting under excessive pressure. A good physiotherapist will be able to tell you how to strengthen your musculoskeletal system to counter this stress. Thus helping you to reduce your chance of suffering from long-term injuries because of the type of work you do. For example, by taking regular breaks, maintaining good posture or perhaps using specialist equipment like a body belt.

Choosing the right physiotherapist

Whether you need physiotherapy in Northwich or Norwich, it is important to choose the right practitioner for you. Before you book an appointment, you need to check that the person offering the service is properly qualified.

In the UK, you can do this by looking in the Health Care Professions Council online database. The details of all qualified practitioners are registered here. You just need to click this link to be taken to the website.

Once you have determined that they are indeed a bona fide practitioner you need to make sure that they have the relevant experience to treat you. If you are suffering from back pain, it makes sense to seek treatment from a physiotherapist that specialises in treating this condition.

Finding and using a good physiotherapist can greatly improve your health, and help you to avoid problems in the future.