What is mean by endodontic treatment?


Endodontic treatment is a type of dental procedure done inside the tooth. One type of endodontic treatments is root canal therapy. If you like to understand this dental procedure, you will come to know about the tooth anatomy. A soft tissue that is located under the hard layer and white enamel called dentin is known as the pulp. This pulp contains nerves, blood vessels and connective tissues. It creates the surrounding tissues of the teeth during development. Pulp extends from crown to the root’s tip where it gets connected to the tissues that are surrounding the root. During the growth and development of tooth pulp plays an important role. Once the teeth are fully matured they can survive without the need of help from pulp as they continue to be feed by the surrounding tissues. People can find a great dentist or endodontist to undergo root canal therapy in Hollywood, Florida.

Symptoms that urge you to have endodontic treatment

There are symptoms faced by people who require having a root canal therapy. Some of them are as follows.

  • Tooth pain
  • Prolonged sensitivity to cold and heat
  • Tenderness to chew and touch
  • Discoloration of teeth
  • Swelling, tenderness and drainage in lymph nodes, gum tissues and nearby bone

Not all of them experience these signs. These are symptoms that people may experience when there is any problem in the root canals.

How does root canal therapy save the tooth?

The root canal therapy removes the infected or inflamed pulp by cleaning and shaping the root canal carefully and sealing the space with fills. After this treatment, the patients will go back to their dentist to have done other tooth restoration procedures. The dentist may place a crown on the tooth to protect as well as restore the tooth to full function. The tooth will continue to perform its tasks like other tooth after restoration. Let us see how the procedure of root canal therapy in Hollywood, Florida is done on patients with dental problems.

  • The dentist or endodontist will examine the tooth using methods like X rays and administers local anesthetic. The dentist will place a protective sheet called dental dam over tooth after it is numb. This protective sheet will isolate the tooth as well as keep it free from saliva while the procedure is carried on.
  • Then the dentist will make an opening on the crown of affected tooth. He or she will use small instruments for cleaning the pulp in the pulp chamber. Then they will use appropriate instruments for shaping the space to get ready for filling.
  • After he cleaned and shaped the space, he will use a biocompatible material for filling the root canals. Usually the material will resemble rubber and it is called gutta percha. This material is placed along with cement like substance to ensure sealing of the canals.
  • After the final consultation with the endodontist, people can return to the dentist for having crown or other tooth replacement.