Top Health Professionals Striving To Make A Difference To Society

Health Professionals Striving

The medical fraternity has seen some really dedicated and passionate medical professionals who are not only love their work but society too. They strive to make the world a disease free place and are often messiahs for many people fighting with conditions that hamper the quality of life. One name today that invokes such respect and recognition is Dr Regina Kurrasch.

She is a reputed and well loved rheumatologist in the region of King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. She is devoted to her practice and is counted among the top rheumatogists in the area. She completed her education from the State University of New York Downstate Medical Center College of Medicine. She has been in the medical profession for the past 36 years.

She currently is associated in clinical research. She began the stint with NIH and later Wyeth. Now, Regina Kurrasch is associated with GlaxoSmithKine. She is a board certified internist and rheumatologist in the USA. She joined the pharmaceutical industry as she had a very keen passion to be a part and parcel of it. Regina was driven by the passion to make a positive difference to the lives of her fellow human being. This is why she joined the pharmaceutical industry. It is rare to find professionals like her who look beyond personal interests to do good to society as a whole. She is a compassionate human being and is passionately devoted to bring in positive changes into the world.

Clinical research involves the scope of new discoveries and giving people better medical therapies. There are several challenging diseases today and the medical fraternity is desperately seeking ways and means to overcome these challenges and give people better medical treatments and therapies. Many people are falling prey to life threatening illnesses and diseases. Today, you will find even young people suffering from rheumatism and its associated complications.

Regina has been successful in the field of arthritis- another condition that is crippling the lives of many people across the world today. In fact, many people wrongly think that arthritis is an age related illness. It is not and can be caused by lifestyle issues as well. She has been awarded in the field of effective therapies for arthritis. Regina also holds a master’s degree in Public Health.

She currently is the team leader of a group that is working on the development of new medical therapies for people who are suffering from rheumatism and other associated ailments. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Women. This is a major platform that gives her the unique chance to network with other women and provide quality healthcare to the world. Regina Kurrasch loves being a part of the challenging medical world. She is devoted to bringing in a positive change to the lives of her fellow human beings. She is focused on bringing in quality innovation with new therapies.

As a person Regina has some interesting hobbies and interests. Besides, medicine and research they keep her busy. They include bicycling, exercise, kayaking and being actively involved in the community!