Tips to lose weight in a week

Tips to lose weight in a week

From time to time we receive emails from our users asking us how to lose weight in a week. Usually because they want to lose weight for a wedding, party or other special occasion.

But even though there are ways to lose weight quickly, our advice is always the same: If you want to lose weight and keep, the best way is to lose weight one to two kilos a week until you reach your goal. Here are some tips to lose weight in a week ….. and the next and the next ….. until you reach your ideal weight.

Set realistic goals. It is important, as this does not get discouraged after the first and second week of your diet. Note that it has not gained the kilos now you can spare one day to another, so it is unrealistic to lose them all in a few days. A realistic goal (depending on their initial overweight) is to lose 2-5 kilos in a month, 1-2 kilos a week.

Tips to lose weight in a week

Decide how many calories you should take every day to achieve their goal by size, age, fitness and lifestyle. Again, it is important to be realistic and take at least 1200 calories each day. If you eat fewer calories, you will lose muscle along with fat.

Spread the calories in various foods (at least 3 and if your lifestyle allows up to 5), trying to consume roughly the same calories at each meal.

Design your own meal plan, opting for fresh foods low in fat. Include foods from the major food groups: meat (fat) and fish, legumes, fruit and vegetables and dairy products (skim). If you do not reach the number of calories, you can add a few grains or nuts at each meal.

Avoid consumption of dietary or prepared food, because it is so full and healthy as meals prepared at the time with fresh food. Choose seasonal produce as far as possible and also use foods that contain so-called negative calories. Use healthy cooking methods (steamed, grilled or baked) that do not require the use of oils. To lose up to 2 kilos in a week for a month, it is not necessary (nor desirable) to eliminate all fat from your diet.

Tips to lose weight in a week

Calculate a tablespoon of oil a day, and do not forget to add the calories that this represents your total daily.

Serve controlled portions at each meal, getting used to measure or weigh amounts of meat, grains, legumes, fruit and vegetable growing. If achieved some discipline in this regard, it will be easier to be disciplinad @ also during the day.

Avoid desserts, cookies and candy that just add calories. Also check the intake of sugar and alcohol, as also provide nutrients to your diet but calories.