The Uniqueness of Surya Ram Meditation

Whereas the effectiveness and benefits of Meditation are well- acknowledged throughout the world, when it comes to the techniques of the Surya Ram Meditation offered by Dr. Michael Mamas, there is difference. In essence, Surya Ram Medication is a very ancient technique derived from the eastern communities of Himalayas and subsequently, the procedure has been researched further and finally, brought to the people with its uprightness by Michaelji.


Undergoing this wonderful process helps promoting one’s inner enlightenment and spiritual growth and fosters healthy existence. In the days of extreme competition, ensuring struggle for existence, sustaining self identity and fostering advancement; the Surya Ram Meditation can be real helping for new generation. One can also learn Surya Ram Meditation online for free.

The advantages of Surya Ram Meditation

  • The procedure is effortless
  • Designed by Dr. Michael Mamas in an easy-to-learn method
  • Boosts an amazing sense of awareness
  • Develops an outstanding state of physiology
  • Flexibility helps its easy accommodation with any lifestyle.

The Bottom-line benefits

  • Brings you brighter and vivacious mind;
  • Lessens one’s stress, anxiety or panic in mind;
  • Keeps you away from physical and mental complexities;
  • Enhances wellbeing and liveliness;
  • Brings happiness and creativity in mind;
  • Builds self confidence and enlightens your inner ‘being’;
  • Helps you stay in peace and accord;

The Fullness of Surya Ram Classes

Student attending Surya Ram Classes in MountSoma are taught with comprehensive range of techniques and experiences that make the classroom sessions inspiring, engaging and fulfilling. As per the opinion of Dr. Michael Mamas ‘fulfillment’ is a very rational word and simply because this is not visible similar to one’s inner ‘being’ or soul. But fulfillment can be understood or can be assessed by a student in CRS once he/she start engaging him/her in regular classes and participate in group sessions.

Everyday classes begins and ends with Surya Ram Meditation. Unlike other knowledgeable institutes or masters offer meditation courses, Dr Michael Mamas teaches this session in three distinct parts. These are meditation, personal development and integrative healing.

  • Meditation: The process is just not based upon mind-controlling techniques. In MountSoma, the entire thing is done upon a natural arousing through the process of breath control and some other techniques that eventually help one’s soul to touch Divinity which eternally dwells in an individual.
  • Personal Development: The sessionmay be designed in accordance with the necessity of a student especially. However, the overall workout sessions offered help you in freeing your mental completions and bring perfection in self enlightenment.
  • Integrative Healing: Thisis a wonderful session boosts the inner intellect of an individual’s mind, body as well soul. This is a complete healing procedure. This hands-on training as well knowledge building session is offered only after a student is sufficiently prepared.

Recent Additions

  • The generous grants received from the Foundation of Germeshausen to the CRS community has helped it a lot to build its own Student Forum. Establishment of this union is much-wanted and awaited one which is providing accommodation to participants and numbers of other benefits.
  • Recently, as suggested by Dr Michael Mamas a few modifications as well enhancements are done to the earlier design. The kitchen is made double in size considering the growing numbers of students and participants.

A huge porch roof is built to form an excellent and useful outdoor area where people can get together. In addition, a hovering ceiling is also added that enhances the décor as well beauty of the place.