The Types Of Foods To Remove If You Want To Lose Weight


Decisions in food are extremely important in order to lose weight and good health in general. Everyone knows that the selection of the foods you eat can make all the difference whether you get fat or lose weight, you but very few people know that many foods considered “healthy” but they really are not at all. In this article you will find the 3 types of foods that you must avoid if you want to lose weight fast and at the same time maintain optimal health. But first a little history…

During the different stages of evolution, mankind has consumed tens of thousands of different species of animals, fungi and plants. But here’s a startling statistic. Currently the average adult in industrialized countries (but increasingly in the American countries) consumes approximately70% of daily calories only 3 types of food:   wheat (with all its derivatives) , corn and soybeans.

wheat food

wheat food

This means that the human body, after hundreds of thousands of years of evolution and adaptation to a variety of food, suddenly (in the space of a couple of centuries) begins to consume 70% of all your diet based on these 3 types of food.

So what would be an amount of wheat, soybeans and corn could be considered healthy to consume?

Considering the hundreds of thousands of years of evolution of the human race and studies on the diet of our ancestors, it has been determined that the amount of wheat, soybeans and corn should be consumed would be in the range of 2 % to 6% of total daily calories. Currently, we are consuming more than 15 times the amount for which we are adapted! The human digestive system was never designed to consume these substances in such increased quantities.

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In an organization it may take tens of thousands of years before they can be adapted (evolutionarily speaking) to its environment. You can not expect humans to change their eating habits almost entirely by a diet for which are not genetically adapted, without negative health consequences.

Do not forget that these large amounts of wheat, soybeans and corn in the modern human diet it’s a recent phenomenon that originates from the industries billions of dollars of grain, seeds and grains (and as you can guess, the principal are wheat, soy and corn). One of the best documentaries about is Food Inc. which we invite you to look (search for it online).

If these grains, cereals and seeds are present in our diet, it is not because they are good for our health, but because they are cheap, easy to produce and generate billions of dollars to agribusiness. ‘s all about money … NOT your health!

This leads to a host of health problems, including many food intolerancesallergies (especially the consumption of gluten intolerance in wheat) and the problems of overweight today, so common these days. These foods, full of carbohydrate-based calories are one of the main obstacles to help you lose weight.



To this we must add the amount of soda or other drinks filled HFCS many people consume on average every day … this is a lot of calories one derived from corn! And do not think soda “diet” is the solution for weight loss: these drinks with artificial sweeteners can fatten more than standard soft drinks. Even the ketchup, pasta, and dozens of other foods containing high amounts of corn syrup fattening and sabotage all your efforts to lose weight.

On top of that, due to current economic factors (especially with the artificially low prices of corn and soybeans) now also be fed to most livestock grains (mostly maize) … again amplifying the amount of these foods that pass through the food chain and end up in the human body (from a biochemical standpoint). I strongly advise watching the documentary Food Inc. to learn more about this topic.

We hope this article will be very useful to identify the most important factors to help you lose weight. Feel free to share this article with your family and friends.