The 7 best fat burning exercises


If you are looking fat burning exercises, you have come to the right place. We have designed this plan in special exercise to burn body fat and weight in order to reach your goals. In fact, we made ​​these simple exercises that do not need to have to go to the gym to do so. So burn fat has been said! Start doing these exercises now.

Fat Burning Exercises

Keeps this up fat burning exercises three times a week with a rest day in between so you can start losing weight much earlier?

1. Fat Burning Exercises: Barbell Squat


Muscles working: legs

With firmly planted on the ground and feet shoulder width apart, a dumbbell allowed to rest comfortably in the top of the back (not the neck). Grab the bar about 20 inches off the shoulders with arms out. Keeping the shoulders back, squat down until the top of your legs are parallel with the floor. Go back up to the position where you started full standing position, pause for a second and repeat 8 exercises 3 times.

It is important to maintain upright posture throughout this exercise and do not arch your back, as this may cause injury.

2. Fat burning exercises: dumbbell swing


Muscles working: Shoulders

Stand with your feet slightly wider than the height of your men and put a weight on the floor ahead of you. Squat and grab the dumbbell with the palm of your hand toward your body. With a straight back, stand to be in full upright position and rotate the dumbbell toward the ceiling to the level of your eyes.

You must maintain an upright posture and be careful when lowering the weight to the floor again. Do 12 reps, rest for one minute and repeat the process 2 or 3 times.

3. Exercises burn fat: Abs Expert


Muscles working: Abs

This exercise is one of the best burn abdominal fat. It is a combination of two different abdominal exercises to work every muscle in this area: the upper, lower abs abdominal and abdominal support.

To begin, find an open space or if you are in the gym grab a flat bench lifting weights. Lying on the bench or on the floor, do 15 leg lifts. Without rest, immediately lift your legs and Support them with your arms so that your body has a position of V. Hold this position for 60 seconds. Rest for 1 minute and 30 seconds, repeated 5 to 8 times.

4. Exercise burns fat: Reverse Weight Remo


Muscles working: back, abs and arms.

This exercise helps you burn fat in the upper body. It is a version of the lizards, push plates or improved fat burning. Start leaning face down on the floor with two dumbbells in your preferred weight (while heavier, harder and efficient will be this year).

With legs spread to a width greater than the distance from your shoulders, raises your chest as if you were to make a lizard and start lifting weights and taking them to the height of your rib. Alternate left arm with his right arm. Repeat 8 to 12 repetitions, rest and repeat the set of exercises 3 times.

5. Exercise burns fat: Bulgarian squat


Muscles working: legs

Stand perpendicular to a flat bench with one foot on the bench and the other foot firmly on the floor. With a light weight in each hand, slowly lower to squat until your other leg is parallel to the ground. Your knee should not touch the ground as it will run the risk of hurting.
Maintain upright posture throughout this exercise. The foot should not be extended too to avoid back injuries.

6. Fat burning exercises: Squat and press


Muscles working: legs and shoulders

Grab the top of a dumbbell and hold it at shoulder height. Descend slowly into a deep squat to reach below your knees more, back up slowly and takes the weight up above your head. Hold the weights for a second at the top and repeat.

Keep strong posture throughout this exercise burns fat and not arch your back. It is recommended that 8 reps rest and repeat 3 times.

7. Exercises to Burn Fat: Bars / Dives


Muscles working: Chest and triceps

This fat burning exercise is known as bars or dips. Perform a set of 12 push-ups or push-ups followed by a set of 12 bars or dips immediately. What is important here is not the amount that you can achieve, but maintain quality of the exercise.

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