Tangerine Properties for Weight Loss


Hi, sent you many blessings in this post from your blog as being skinny , I’m talking about a fruit that has excellent properties for weight loss, you speak of its importance and other details that will be useful therefore I recommend you have a basket in your house to eat a day you have, like I said they are excellent for weight loss.

Lime is native to Asia, makes about twenty million years, grow very well in the tropics, the origin of its name is thought to come from the mandarins who were rulers of ancient China, the color of their dresses were exactly the same as the tangerine.



Tangerine is excellent for weight loss, as I have said, because it uses more than 88% water and has lots of fiber also contributes less amounts of sugars and calories, which makes it ideal for all fruit who want to lose weight.

Tangerine is an excellent ally for weight loss

If you’re hungry, it’s recommended that you eat a tangerine, since by its large amount of water and fiber will make me feel satiated, so I recommend you always have a few in your home. Also, is often used tangerine peel to make a tea, this tea also has slimming properties.

Tangerine is also recommended for people suffering from constipation, because it helps to have better digestion. For all these reasons, tangerine are an excellent ally to lose weight fast, so do not hesitate to buy and have them always at hand.

Any questions please come soon cause me to remember that in this your blog as being skinny I’m here to help. Success and God bless you, remember you’re a successful person and soon you’ll be skinny.