Synthetic Versus Natural: Which Supplements NZ Should You Buy?


Going as natural as possible in almost every facet of life has become all the rage lately, which has also lead to a huge marketing scheme in the world of supplements NZ across the globe. Today more and more companies are brandishing misleading labels which mislead consumers into thinking that the vitamins and minerals that they’re selling are “natural” when they are, in fact, not.

Though, on the other hand, what makes natural vitamins so great anyway? Are synthetic vitamins such a bad thing? Today we’re going to answer that question.

What Makes a Natural Vitamin “Natural”
Any vitamin that’s deemed to be natural must have a certain percentage of the product be derived from a natural source. The percentage varies depending on which country you reside, though this doesn’t stop many disrepute supplementation companies from tricking consumers into believing they’re purchasing a natural vitamin when, in fact, it’s synthetic.

What Goes Into A Synthetic Vitamin
Synthetic vitamins have gotten a bit of a bad rap lately, primarily as they have been smeared as being some product concocted in a lab that’s laden with chemicals. The fact of the matter is that synthetic vitamins and supplements must contain every single property that is found in the vitamin in nature.

Which To Choose?
This is where it can get a bit tricky. In some instances, a natural vitamin will serve you better than a synthetic. For example, natural vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol succinate) has proven to be 36% more potent than it’s synthetic brethren (dl-alpha tocopherol). However, in the case of synthetic vitamin C (ascorbic acid), this synthetic supplement has been shown to have the same biological potency as its natural counterpart.

No one can argue that choosing supplements from a natural source may contain one or more unknown elements that can increase how potent or effective they are in keeping us healthy, however natural supplements can sometimes cost as much as10x more than a synthetic. The best way to ensure your health is to take the right supplement that fits your budget and try to follow a diet plan that is as varied as possible, focusing on the 4 main food groups.