Rehabilitating Improved Quality of Life through Psychological Treatments


With the fast paced lifestyle that we all live in, where stress and tension are just a stone’s throw away, our mental and psychological condition becomes unstable, calling for the need of psychologists as part of our routine health-care treatments. Advancements in medical science and technology has ensured that we don’t erupt and disrupt our delicate mental tranquility by making psychologists an accessible and acceptable term in our society. Living up to this expectation is Dr. Jonathan Lauter who is making headways into treating his patients and improving their quality of life significantly.

Doctors like Jonathan Lauter provides for the much needed mental and behavioral health services. He not only lays emphasis on prevention of mental conditions but also addresses health disparities. His sole aim in treating his patients is reducing the psychological distress and thereby promoting psychological well-being across their lifetime. There are psychologists who specialize in treating certain age groups and particular problems like being terminally ill. Jonathan Lauter ensures that whatever treatment is provided is designed according to the needs of the patient. For example, victims of abuse and drama would have a more therapeutic approach wherein one-to-one conversations would be encouraged.

However, contribution of Dr. Jonathan Lauter MD does not end here as these psychologists also work in health and social care settings in both urban and rural communities. Often working in tandem with integrated health care departments to provide a more comprehensive medical treatment, sometimes he even ensures evidence based practices for prevention and treatment of mental disorders and health problems.

Moreover, psychologists like Jonathan Lauter MD work with and for people irrespective of their age especially if they have any kind of mental health disorder which would include depression and anxiety. These can also range from the serious and enduring mental illness like schizophrenia, to neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s. The doctor patient relationship is a two way road wherein the doctor treats the patient and patient trusts them to be treated. Doctors such as these understand the range of mental disorders that can affect an individual and are therefore capable enough to treat them of their addictive behaviors like substance abuse, eating disorders, personal and relationship problems and even learning disabilities.

Jonathan B Lauter MD does not limit himself to these only for he extends his healing hands also towards patients with chronic illnesses. He uses a wide range of therapeutic methods like psychotherapy, biofeedback and behavioral techniques to ensure that the patient undergoes behavioral changes and develop coping strategies like chronic pain management. All these methods would help in reducing the problems that are residual in the patient because of his or her condition. This further helps the family members to understand the issues and the patient’s mental condition. He also extends his knowledge in helping patients understand the importance of reporting any changes to the doctor or physician in charge so that concerns, questions and treatment preferences are all clarified and acknowledged by all the parties involved.

With the help of various methods, that includes psychometric tests, interviews and direct observation of behavior patterns, Dr. Lauter assesses and diagnoses the individual needs. If needed, he also collaborates with interdisciplinary teams and works along other health-care professionals to provide the much needed consultation.