How to achieve a great body without much effort?


So here we bring you a list of fun and sexy tactics to eliminate that extra fat and have fun. Like all women, you probably want to delete those extra inches that make your clothes bulge on sites that want less. And you think you can only be removed with intense exercise. Surprise! There are fun ways to achieve this. . Because whenever you burn calories, heart rate and hasten the flow, no matter if you do Pilates, lift weights or you dance follow these tips to get it!


Danced belly dancing: Dance is a fantastic for them … and for us too. Perhaps you’ve never seen one of these sexy dancers and wished you could move like them?. This dance is the perfect combination of fun and sensuality, plus all their moves in circles and figure eight you should perform toning hips belly beyond belief. And what you can not imagine, with one vigorous session of belly dancing can burn more calories than your usual aerobic workout in the gym. Want to know how many calories you burn? 300! So you know begins to dance with Shakira.


Removing walk your dog: Do it for half an hour and I will need more exercise than that. According to a study from the University of Missouri-Columbia, dogs help their owners lose weight. If you weight 55 to 65 kilos (121 to 143lb), will burn 70 to 80 calories per 15 minute walk. What are the advantages out walking your pet? To start you will not quit for lack of time, and you can do it at any time and leave your pet needs. Second when you go out with your dog do it to the rhythm of the pet not the one you want. The muscles in your legs will work as if it were a real work of resistance. For startups and runs suddenly and you have to make to keep pace with your puppy.


Practice Salsa: The movements of this dance include 3 steps that work directly on the muscles of the calves, as well as being a kind of aerobic exercise It helps you lose weight and tone up without noticing. With an hour of this wonderful dance, and learn to move on the track you will be burning 260 to 530 calories.


Pole dancing before considered taboo. As the dancing strippers, today is fashionable and is very effective. So it’s time to learn how to move seductively around the post, you have to take specialized classes because it is not only climb and hang from it. Really demands great muscular work, because you have to hold the weight of your body with your arms. Besides increasing your flexibility, improve your posture and firms stomach muscles in a few weeks. The best thing is that every dance burns 250 calories, as many as a gym session.


Conduct: Let the traffic not overwhelm you … If you know that when you reach your destination you feel exhausted. Well …. wise amazed that if you drive daily and especially long distances or in rush hour, in addition to losing patience, energy ….. You lost calories. Yes! In half an hour burns 125 calories driving. How? On every street you turn that bend and give you each works the muscles in your shoulders. And it can also be fun if you’re traveling or road trip. So remember that the long distances and traffic are now your allies.

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