Guys, the Best Ways to Strike up a Conversation at the Gym!


So you are working up a sweat in the gym and there is this really nice girl that walks in, and you just can’t seem to take your eyes of her. When it comes to striking up a conversation at the gym you really need to bring your A game to the fore, since without that you have zero chances of scoring. You won’t find it hard striking up a conversation at the gym if you follow our solid good advice:

Never Interrupt Her Workout

In order to make a good impression and introduce yourself, it is best never to interrupt her workout. Most ladies are extremely self-conscious about their physical appearance which is basically the reason why they are in the gym. This is why it is most definitely not a good idea to interrupt her workout and introduce you. Wait for her to finish her work out then go up and compliment her on the workout. Fitness Dating Site could be a good online source.

Don’t Wear Tight Clothes to the Gym

Another important point that you need to keep in mind is the type of clothes that you wear to the gym. If you are wearing clothes that cling to your body then you are killing your chances with her. You will seem like the creepy gym dude, who is always sweaty and wears clothes that showcase your package. A loose fitting gym short with a cool t-shirt will generally do the trick.

Make Sure You Don’t Smell

It is highly essential that you don’t stink up the gym when you exercise. This is probably the most important rule, since ladies are generally more likely to be attracted to guys who smell good. This doesn’t mean that you should douse yourself in cologne, but do make sure that you are clean and have a light deodorant that smells fresh. In online you would get lots of Free Dating Site for more resource.