Get Growing

It’s no secret that mobile devices are improving tech-related tasks, but this technology is now conquering more primitive pastimes as well. You may need to wipe the dirt off your hands before you swipe your green thumb across the screen, but these sleek gardening apps offer some distinct advantages to agricultural professionals and hobbyists alike.

Thanks to handy gardening apps for beginners, you can cultivate a thriving garden with minimal know-how. Plan your garden, identify weeds, and estimate your harvest dates with a wide range of apps. If you’re a visual learner, you can’t go wrong with video tutorials that can walk you through everything from sprouting a seed to taking cuttings. Snag a device like the Google Nexus 6 on T-Mobile’s network with a strong connection, sizable screen, and quality stereo so you don’t miss the important details in these gardening lessons.

If you’re looking to make a profit from gardening as a professional, you’ll find apps that meet your unique needs. Satellites and drones supply the detailed farm data available with the Farmer’s Edge Laboratories app. If you thought GPS for your car was useful, just wait till you try the AgriBus-NAVI app, offering GPS guidance to keep your tractors on track.

Smart industry apps for farmers are only the beginning. Today’s technology is well on the way toward automating gardening entirely. Edyn garden sensors track soil nutrition, moisture, sunlight, temperature, and humidity so nothing is left to guesswork in your garden. Automated watering is already a widely adopted reality. Keep an eye on the latest developments in gardening technology and you may find fresh food and flowers are easier to obtain than you expected.

Getting back to nature doesn’t have to mean leaving tech inside. Check out this infographic to see how your smartphone puts endless knowledge at your glove-tips.