Four tasty egg white recipes


Egg whites are packed with protein according to the NHS. They’re convenient and tasty, but if you’re on the look out for ways to use them in something other than a smoothie or body-building drink then here’s some recipes to fire up your taste buds while at the same time giving you that all-important protein boost.

1. Mexican scrambled eggs

When you’re in need of a morning boost to your protein intake, nothing can beat traditional scrambled eggs for speed and convenience. But why stop there? Throw in a few chopped vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers and onions as well as a small portion of low-fat cheese to give this staple breakfast a blast of flavour.

Mexican scrambled eggs


Line a non-stick pan with olive oil (half a table-spoon) and heat to medium-high.
Toss in the chopped vegetables of your choice and stir fry to al-dente (5-6 minutes).
Crack two eggs into the pan and add at least double the volume of liquid egg whites.
Scramble with a spatula or wooden spoon until white and fluffy.
Season to taste with a little salt, pepper and garlic – perhaps add cayenne pepper for an extra kick!

2. Protein crepes

Protein crepes made with egg whites make a perfect dessert or weekend brunch. Balanced and nutritious, they are quick and simple to prepare.



Whisk 50 ml of liquid egg whites in a bowl, add a small scoop of protein powder and blend.
Pour the mixture into a heated non-stick pan and cook.
Flip with a spatula like you would a pancake half way through cooking.
When ready, remove from the pan and cover with a topping of your choice – such as almond butter, sliced apples and cinnamon or perhaps sliced banana with natural peanut butter.

3. Egg poppers


Simple to make and perfect for post-workout protein to go, or when there isn’t the time to mix up a protein shake. Go to for ready to use egg white.


Spray an ice cube tray with non-stick cooking spray.
Pour in liquid egg whites – allowing for a little room for the mixture to expand during cooking.
Microwave for four minutes.
Put in a fridge for at least an hour – this is an important part of the process as it prevents the poppers from sticking to the ice-cube tray.
Serve with homemade salsa for a delicious, calorie controlled lunch or even on their own as part of a post workout protein boost.

4. Egg drop soup

A great winter warmer and a excellent alternative to chicken noodle soup plus above all, it’s easy to prepare.



Heat two to three cups of beef or chicken broth (low sodium is best) and add an assortment of vegetables as desired – bean sprouts, broccoli, celery, carrots mushrooms and onions.
If you need a carb boost, barley, sliced potatoes or whole wheat pasta can also be added.
When everything has cooked through, drop the heat to absolute minimum pour in the equivalent of 5-6 egg whites. Simmer and stir gently.
When the eggs have whitened, remove pan from the heat and serve immediately.







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