Exercising with the Gym Dancing


Exercise is no longer what it was. Now, burn calories and have fun go hand in hand.

How? With training proposed as Zumba dance-a mixture of cumbia, rumba and reggaeton- Bollywood-a mix of Indian folk dances and musical mini – Stiletto Pole Dance or just for daring to dare to do gym in high heels. If you want to try something different, here is a guide to the new rhythms.

funny rhythms

Colombian origin, Zumba combines all the joy that comes from the land, in a succession of Latin American rhythms like cumbia, rumba (hence its name), or reggaeton. These classes let you learn different rhythms that then can dance at any party which we were professionals, visiting all kinds of people, from those with administrative activities, students, housewives, mothers and ladies over 60 years looking for the same : amuse without demands or pressures dance well. For a real weight reduction, the most effective frequency is twice a week.

The Bollywood, a term from the Indian film industry, is a popular dance performed at parties and family gatherings in the country. Choreographies that resemble mini musical, where the idea is to interpret what the lyrics say, with steps being taken not only of classical and folk dances of India, but also of many Western rhythms like hip hop or dance jazz. In this discipline you can burn up to 350 calories per hour.

It incorporates elements of yoga and breath, and so helps to rid the body of stress, quiet the mind and open the chakras to unblock emotional and mental blockages.

tabu dance

Now thanks to the folk dance which was broadcast on TV, the Pole Dance is a complete, fun, dynamic and highly feminine activity. Classes last an hour and combine the benefits of dance, such as elongation and coordination, content with acrobatic figures and sexy and we all have fun part. At first, the activity was directed only young girls, but today the practice students of all ages and body types, looking to model and play, plus refining sensuality.


Since the physical and the psychological, improves self-esteem, strength, dexterity and body control. The ideal frequency is three times a week or more for students with physical basis.

He is well dressed perfect everywhere, but going to the gym in heels? The answer is yes, the discipline to practice is called Stiletto and, oddly Broadway exit, can be practiced. This style, which is all the rage today, is based on performing choreographed various musical rhythms, both jazz and pop or funk on heels. It may seem difficult, but it has its good reward. They burn 200 to 300 calories per class, obviously depending on each body, attitude and strength with which they work. Ideally, do it twice a week in one-hour classes.

Dance Therapy

More than a rhythm is a therapeutic  approach that uses dance and movement to enable processes of physical, emotional, cognitive and social integration of a person. It seeks to discover, or rediscover, the internal rhythm, spontaneous gesture, that’s true of us. See also how bally dance help you to loss weight.

The dance therapy opens a way of connecting with the most genuine of each person. Ever we all had the opportunity to dance and feel light, happy, life. This practice is not looking to burn calories, but it is aimed at people who are in search of a deep and genuine change in their lives, those who wish to move and be moved. The benefits are many: reduced anxiety, depression, produces significant changes in body image, revitalizes and to improve the relationship with oneself and with others. The appropriate frequency depends on the motivation of the person seeking this practice.


One thing to note is that all these disciplines are very strong. They are not recommended for those with knee injuries, spine or some difficulty in movement, or for pregnant women jumps. If no previous illness, inform before class starts. Otherwise, it’s just encouraged to try new rhythms and play.