Drink more water to yield

Drink more water to yield

If you talk about dehydration and the need to drink water, think certainly in the summer: outdoor sports, long days at the beach, hot and sunny. However, a study published in a prestigious technical journal and performed by a Spanish doctor, Prof. Dr Ana Adan, Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychobiology, University of Barcelona, ​​shows that a state of mild dehydration reduces mental performance to 20%. Surprised?

Dehydration occurs when fluid loss (through sweating or urination) exceeds consumption, and if the level of dehydration is greater than 2% decreases the ability of short-term memory in both young adults and older people.

Drink more water to yield 1

Everyone knows that it is desirable to hydrate before and after sports. But what hydration needs exist before an intellectual task? “The recommendation is identical, although it requires a smaller amount of fluid intake and also the selection of specific beverages usually required, such as isotonic, to compensate for losses involved bodily exercise, “says Prof. Dr.. Ana Adan.


And the people are much more sensitized to care hydration if you develop sport or work involving great physical cost, as well as in these cases the body usually send signals. “But if our activity is sedentary is much easier to neglect our hydration status, goes unnoticed as we need to ingest fluids and perceive states although not optimal mental performance not we blame the dehydration,” added the doctor.

The study of the relationship between hydration and cognitive performance is an emerging area of work for which there is still much to study, however it is clear that taking care of the hydration status of the body, even when we do not perceive thirst alarm is very important because it depends, in large part, our general and physical and intellectual state, even if we are in sedentary situations and best weather.

So you know: do not forget to drink water throughout the workday!