Cookware – Why Go Green?


There seems to be a growing movement among people who are trying to live a more environmentally friendly way of life. There are a lot of products on the market that are sold as pet friendly, good for the environment or even safe for the ozone layer. Your household products are no exception to the variety of items available and sold as environmentally safe and friendly. So if you are in the market and motivated to replace your cookware, you now have choices that are good for you and for the environment.

There are several great alternatives available to purchase that make good environmental sense. As you browse your local kitchen shop or your local retail store, you will find a wide variety of pots and pans in as many styles and colors as there are makes and materials. The choice you decide to make just depends on your budget and your personal preference.

Some of the more popular cookware choices include stainless steel and cast-iron. There is also a product advertised on “As Seen on TV” called Orgreenic Cookware that is becoming a popular choice. Depending on the type of cookware you choice, just make sure you are aware of how to care for your new items so that they will last a long time.

One option in cookware is stainless steel. They are very slick and modern and do not contain harmful chemicals. They are durable and can be recycled once your use for them is gone.

Another choice available is cast-iron. These are the pans that maybe your grandmother had many years ago. They are a little more work to maintain since you have to “season” your cookware so that they will not rust. But the added bonus in some ways is the trace of iron you absorb each time you prepare your meals in cast-iron.

Your other choice is the “green pan”. As the name applies, this cookware has an inner lining made out of a green non-stick material that is considered very safe and easy to use. Green pans provide a healthy cooking surface, and keep your foods safe from cross-contamination. They are made with the environment in mind and do not harshly impact it.

If green pans, such as the Orgreenic Cookware line, appeals to you, then keep in mind the following suggestions:

1. Do not use excessive heat while cooking with your green pans. Be aware of the heating capacity of your items.

2. Always wash your pots and pans by hand. Clean up is easy, but to add life and safe wear on them, wash in warm water and hand-dry. Your dishwasher detergent can eventually damage the non-stick surface.

3. Buy a product you can trust. Like the Orgreenic Cookware line, make sure that your cookware is truly non-stick and practically maintenance free.


Once you are ready to purchase new cookware, shop around. Take the opportunity to check out the wide variety of makes and colors, the different materials and manufacturers. Then decide what makes the best choice for you. Whether it is budget costs that motivate you or a particular name brand, just remember that today your choices in cookware are also a choice for a better environment. So think green the next time you shop. Who knows, you may purchase a great product while being environmentally friendly.