Broccoli: The Super-food

Broccoli The Super-food

This and other ingredients inside the imposing “gastrocosmetica” which joins the gourmet world and skin care. Why do we do well? There are foods that prevent cellular aging and improve our image. To discuss them is fashionable term “gastrocosmetica”. It aims to prepare delicious meals and at the same time to provide us with beauty.

Broccoli and powers The Star gastrocosmetica is broccoli this is, almost, the perfect food, as well as its anticancer properties, is a good source of -Potassium minerals, magnesium and iron, has almost no fat and many other antioxidants such as beta carotene and selenium. In addition, antioxidants help to improve the vitality of the skin and fight the signs of skin fatigue. Even some brands of cosmetics and the food included among the components of the cream. Healing properties of broccoli

Broccoli The Super-food

• Traditional Chinese medicine recommends broccoli to treat eye inflammations and myopia • They also claim that the bitter taste gives it properties diuretic

• Broccoli plays an important role in protecting against lung, stomach, mouth, ovary, breast, vagina, colon and prostate rich

• Is in different potentially anticarcinogenic substances like indoles, glucosinolates, beta carotene and vitamin C

• The National Cancer Institute of the United States has ranked first in the list of vegetables with anticarcinogenic general properties, having been the subject of numerous investigations the findings so certify

• Being an excellent source of iron and beta carotene, broccoli prevents anemia, especially among people who do not eat meat, and vegetarians

• Many women have lower iron reserves recommended level of 500 mg. A significant portion of Western women have no iron reserves, which could be cause for a complete anemia and origin of a strong fatigue, inability to concentrate and immune system disorders

• Scientific research claim that the body can absorb one third less iron of vegetables red meat, because of a substance (phytates) that block iron uptake. It has been found that beta carotene-rich vegetables in iron, such as broccoli, help to break the deadlock and return available iron

Broccoli The Super-food

• In addition, this wonderful vegetables helps reduce childhood infections, and phytonutrients reduce the carcinogenic effects of smoke of snuff. To contain natural antioxidants that help against the potential harm of snuff in cells throughout the body which is appeared to cellular aging which produce free radicals when the concentration of these that the availability of antioxidant in the cellular membrane is greater More “super foods ”
• Against Acne: foods rich in zinc are recommended. Oysters contain it in a high proportion. • To protect from the sun: the harmful effects of the rays can be avoided by eating carrots, tomatoes, mango, pumpkin and green leafy vegetables.

• Antioxidants: Red grape and green tea are potent to prevent skin aging. Walnut is also a “perfect food” contains twice the antioxidants that any other dry fruit.

• To repair damage: tuna, salmon and mackerel have fatty acids that remedy the effects of the sun left on the skin.