Behind a simple bite

simple bite

Recently, the Uruguayan footballer Luis Suarez during the match against Italy at the World Cup is played in Brazil bit the Italian player Giorgio Chiellini.

The behavior caused different reactions on social networks. According sports media is not the first time that Suarez shows attitudes so how are you consulted with Dr. Margarita Mendoza Burgos, medical psychologist, if this behavior is normal, and may signal some psychological problem. And this told us:

The far more competitive sport is more aggressive. Money is shuffled for each game. On the other hand, opponents know how to refute their opponent’s good base provocations.

All this is studied not only the expertise, but the opponent’s weaknesses. in this case, this reacts to mental unbalance. These aggressive behaviors that occur can be learned from small or may be instinctive.

Luis Suarez bite

Luis Suarez is not the only athlete who has had unsportsmanlike conduct against their rivals.

To prevent further incidents such people should not play their game and get away from them. If you are small you have to educate them or send them to therapy, because it can be a symptom of something more serious such as conduct disorder.

If the player has three similar attitudes in different years, the bite is a rather primitive behavior and usually occurs mostly in women. This may be a sign of sexual difficulties in., behavioral disorders or be incipient manifestations of other major disorders they may appear gradually. The marked aggression and primitive instincts in response may also be a sign of low self esteem.

Some experts also argue that people resort to biting when they feel frustrated and often have deeper psychological problems may indicate an inability to deal with emotions, however, these behaviors can be reduced with professional help.