At what age should start to care?

According to Professor of Human Physiology Francisco Mora, which we discussed the other day , you have to start taking care from the 30, but the sooner the better as the habits and food are very important from childhood.
A baby when you are born and had start breastfeeding and continue by that very fact more likely to have a good future health.

From birth to age 27 years the human organism grows and develops according to their genes at this stage of life are “in charge”, but after 27 years the genetic program begins to deteriorate and that’s when he starts aging process .
Jaime Miquel, former director of the Laboratory of Aging NASA also speaks of 30 years , because it is at this age that, more or less quickly, changing the face begins.

You can start increase the weight to lower the metabolism and the levels of certain hormones, changes appear in sleep patterns, a lost memory … and bones at this age have been accumulating calcium they stop. Why it’s important to get well at this age full of calcium, and all who have not taken milk or too few to be noticed now, despite the current smear campaign on them.

But this slow process of deterioration is not hopeless.
A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants a moderate exercise  but regulate and maintain the mind active helps delay aging, and brain can rejuvenate.  What should we do?

At age 30
currently this decade is for women of motherhood.
‘s pregnancies sometimes because abdominal age and the breast may already appear as falling or sagging. Though there have been no pregnancies also one can occur different fat redistribution formerly accumulated more in the cartridge and inner thighs, and today more in the abdomen with the appearance of the famous “love handles.”
But above all births thirties have been vaginal or cesarean delivery can result in a loss of muscle tone in the area called “pelvic floor.” If this muscle loss is not corrected right after pregnancy, may cause deterioration in the quality of future life women as potential loss of urine, more or less frequent from now on.
fact, 1 in 4 women has experienced at some point in their lives.


Women should know, since it is very important to them, that this loss of muscle tone is not produced by a side effect of aging, or to be touched by genetic inheritance at all.
This urinary incontinence occurs because has weakened this soil pelvic, and this can be corrected through exercises, called Kegel .  But this situation that starts slightly right now, if it is considered as normal and no action is taken against it, and silences, often for modesty, it will increase in subsequent decade.
Why you believe that have advertises both the wide range of different sizes and absorbency levels offered to alleviate possible these urine loss, building up to famous artists?
Because many women have not taken appropriate measures when they did have under, making daily prior years, and prefer to be condemned for life to these diapers.
Nor want to undergo a minor surgical procedure that corrects the incontinence will gradually increase more rapidly if will gain importance!

At 40 years
At this age, in general, start to have feelings that “something” is changing in our body.
they may start slow digestion, general tiredness , apathy or lack of interest in things, pains back of neck and joint and head , which in many women especially can become unbearable. Dream also can begin to be deficient, the driest and refined skin, decreased vision with the appearance of what is called “eyestrain “or presbyopia, and sometimes, though less likely hearing loss.
Can start to fall more hair, and especially to lose density, ie it becomes thinner.
Towards the middle of the decade begins in some women to make their appearance menopause, which is a “tortuous” functional decline.

Though it is a normal process of life for many women menopause will cause a “revolution.” By reducing or eliminating production of sex hormones, estrogens, some will occur more or less obvious effects, not only in hair texture and skin, but also psychological changes in body composition and muscle and in a different redistribution of body fat with increased fat in some areas. Narrow waist women come to have guts, some forms have less feminine or less gynoid and android.

As for the physical part at face level , the decade of the 40 ‘s in which most women are beginning to see signs of facial photo aging such as fine wrinkles and facial blemishes.
begin to become evident, moderately, the eyelid bags, and I noticed deeper, fundamentally dynamic wrinkles, by the action of muscles to gesticulate .
today, many of them start to become “little deal worked”, which will already be doomed for the rest of his life . And depending mainly on the type of skin you have, and of course in the hands of the surgeon, have better or worse results.

At age 50
during this decade, and once finished menopause, becomes the more or less rapid aging .
many women adjust to that situation, but still functional decline, because logically over time.
One of the most important things that can happen, and that in my opinion are not considered either, according to current medical protocols, is the decrease in bone mass , which was previously protected by estrogen.


It is therefore important to start exercising at a younger age and follow a good diet rich in calcium which remains as important as ever.
Como bones no longer take in more calcium, must be prevented at all costs which is losing inside, otherwise appear osteoporosis , and the numbers of women who suffer or suffer are chilling , especially because it is a silent disease that neither hurts nor give symptoms until ensuing break.
Though there are now very effective drug treatments, even monthly or yearly, not all women are good because they usually have many side effects.

Training the body to the tissues are not atrophy, is it as simple and effective.
‘s 50s in women is sagging, not only face but body level. During this decade is beginning to lose fat that is what is called “fat atrophy” of some facial areas such as the cheeks and cheekbones that almost disappear, the eyes sink wrinkles appearing around them and eyelid bags and excess skin are most evident in eyelids. Frontal wrinkles, drooping eyebrows, furrow, drop the chin, flattening the vermilion of the lips appear..
Since this is not aesthetic, many women prefer to be plumper to have the plumpest face, but we know that the extra kilos, if they are many, are a serious health problem.
bones to start suffering resorption, make the muscular support of the face is smaller and occurs sagging and drooping also in this area .

At 60
If you have not been hitherto changes in lifestyle, ie has not followed a healthy diet and exercise, begin to appear cardiovascular diseases are now the leading cause of death in our country, and more frequent in women than men in this age range.
If it still does not do any kind of exercise, and it is very difficult for a woman, or man, starting at this age if they have not done when they were younger, the ability of both physical and mental adjustment will decrease, and we can only fight them, staying mentally and physically active. ‘s body is not exercised atrophies.

At 70-80 years
the general decline begins, and generally declining physical abilities is evident: no loss of strength, balance, coordination, strength …
also happens a loss of adaptive and cognitive or mental ability that “we must try to mitigate with mental training”
But against this decrease in capacity, you can fight because today, every day, no relevant people within this age range, even with many more than 90 years, and are splendid not only physically but mentally.