When we made the decision to lose weight by dieting, anxiety appears as rampant and strikes us in the stomach and mind. Each passing day becomes more constant and influential in our thinking, because the lack of food or food that we consumed before becomes more provocative when passing day.

Experts mention that this process is totally normal because our body was used to eating differently, and a sudden change makes both the body and mind seeking somehow being constantly fed him for good or bad.


To ease anxiety is recommended that:
Eating less but different times during the day. If you eat several times a day in small amounts, will cause your body or body does not ask every minute food and causing anxiety every time you want appears. Eat your breakfast, mid morning, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner or, (remember not to exceed food, small amounts several times a day).

Fruits. Fruits make us calm the anxiety that we feel during the day, if much remains for the next meal, you can eat a piece of fruit to reduce that anxiety, until your body adjusts to eat at the ho gins is determined your diet. Also remember not to overdo the intake of fruits, as they are also foods.


Do not let eating. If you stop eating in the day to lose weight more quickly, which will increase it’s anxiety gradually as your body to miss a meal or food trying to retrieve or look some way, which It will despair and give you huge appetite. Remember eating at different times a day and in smaller quantities.

Willpower also plays an important role in this issue, you will note if you want and have the desire to lose weight, you can!