A review of Kratom

Kratom is a kind of herbal green leaf which is coming from the Kratom trees. Mostly it’s found in the South East Asia. It’s also found in Malaysia and Thailand Local peoples know Kratom as Thom, Ketum, Ithang and many other names. Its scientific name is Mitragyna speciosa. Kratom is a member of the Rubiaciae family of trees. Kratom was first ever found by the Dutch colonial botanist called Pieter Korthals.


The Kratom trees are grown 12-30 feet long and 15 feet wide. The deep green leaf can grow 7 inches long and 4 inches wide. In the rainy season the Kratom trees are covered by dark green leaves but in the dry season the leaves fall.

The Kratom leaf contains alkaloid with mitragynine, mitraphylline and 7 kinds of hydrooxymitragynine. Alkaloids act as mu-opioid receptor antagonist. Many countries use this thing in a different way. In United States and Europe Kratom use as a medicine for depression, pain, anxiety and more other syndromes. Kratom is also a sexual enhancer which helps to improve intercourse and desire. Some people use it as a medicine for diarrhea. The Kratom plant has an effect to calm your mind. It gives you a feeling of happiness, strength and activeness. That’s why the workers and laborers use these things. The Kratom tea can help you to lose your weight and build focus and concentration. Kratom also makes a layer on your skin, which protects sun to produce melanin in your skin.

Basically, there is no side effect of Kratom. That’s why it can be used as a replacement of harmful drugs like opium, heroin, etc. But if you take it for a long time regularly in a high dose then it could be harmful for health.

Recently a lot of scientists, pharmaceutical companies have been interested about the mysterious leaf. They want to reveal about more beneficial use of things in the human body. A lot of companies already make some popular herbal product and supplement for regular use. Mostly it’s now using as tea powder or supplementary capsule. Those products are really working well in our daily work.

The effect of Kratom is not fully revealed yet. Some recent experiment just discovered that the alkaloids of Kratom leaves can make effects on the mu-opioid receptor in our brain. But we don’t know now that’s how it works. Some countries like Japan, United States, Malaysia and some South East Asian country doing more research on Kratom’s effects.

There is no record about the abuse of Kratom or Kratom products. But some people say that there is a strong possibility to use Kratom in a bad way. In a little dose of Kratom don’t do any harm of our body. But a regularly long time higher dose of Kratom can make a great damage to our body. So many effects of alkaloids can harm the brain function. Over use of Kratom also may be the reason of sexual damages.

Many countries of South East Asia have frequently cultured Kratom and day by day it’s increasing. It is true that in future Kratom products are going to take an important place in world health story. More and more researches and study are needed to reveal the complete Kratom effects. We can use Kratom products in a limited quantity to fit our health and refresh our mind. To know more please visithttp://discoverkratom.org/.