5 Major Effect of Testosterone

Testosterone is the most important hormone which mainly works for the maintenance and development of the human body. Basically it’s a male hormone, but it also contains in the female body as a little amount. Actually testosterone builds and developed the male body. Within seven weeks of conception a male can produce testosterone. Men produce testosterone continuously before the age of 30. After 30 or so the level of testosterone starting down every year.


This hormone affects everything in man’s body. It works for our reproducing system, bone density, fat distribution, muscle building, sex drives, sperm production and more important job of male body. In this article we will know 5 best effect of this hormone.

  1. Central nervous system

In our brain there has a hypothalamus, which tells the pituitary gland how much testosterone should be released. The pituitary gland obeys the command by releasing this hormone. Testosterone is a reason for creates some important behavior as like as emotion, aggression and depression. Low testosterone may the cause of losing confidence and lack of our motivation. Low levels of testosterone also can make a disturbance in our sleep. Testosterone makes so much important effect in our brain, but the effects may be different in different environment and condition.

  1. Reproductive system

After 7 weeks of conception testosterone start works in a male body. At puberty testosterone makes sugar, makes growth of body muscles. It also grows testicles, which produce steady stream of testosterone and pure supply of sperm daily.

  1. Sexuality

The rising level of testosterone is the cause of growth of testicles. It makes males voice deepens. It builds body muscles and hair. In the teenage it helps to makes sexual desire. Male’s sexual activity control by this hormone levels up and down. Low levels of testosterone would be the cause of longer time sexual inactivity.

  1. Skin and Hair

The supplement of testosterone may not be good for the skin. But small amounts of testosterone don’t harm so much. But testosterone could make a good growth of our hair. It helps to grow hair in arms, legs and chest. The shrinking level of testosterone may the cause of lose hair from body. If that happens a low dose of testosterone supplement can help to increase hair.

  1. Bones and Muscles

Testosteroneincreases our body neurotransmitter. This is helping to grow our tissue. It increases the release of growth hormone in the pituitary gland. Testosterone says the bone marrow to produce more red cells and increases bone density. Testosterone also is a most important reason for the development of the muscles to make them stronger to lead a health life. It works on our DNA, which makes the bones and muscles stronger. Low levels of testosterone can make suffer from the bone fractures. Decreasing this hormone also can make your muscles weak.


It is impossible to finish the whole story about testosterone. But we really can say that Testosterone is one of the most important elements of our body growth. At last, here’s some effective testosterone product name. You can use them when you will suffer from the lack of testosterone. But at first always take the doctor’s suggestion.To know more please visit  http://testosteroneboostersguide.com/ .