3 Reasons Egg Whites are a Good Choice after Exercise


When you work out or lift weights you aim to build muscle and create strength. But do you fully understand the process that goes on when you are attempting this worthy feat? Exercising essentially breaks down your muscle tissue and when your body repairs this muscle tissue – which it naturally does every time, barring any health issues – it is built back stronger and thicker. This is what, over time, leads to greater muscle bulk and strength. When your body repairs itself in this way it is called the resting or the anabolic stage. While it may appear on the surface that you only need to feed your body nutrients when it is physically active, the anabolic state is actually a crucial time and it is important to provide the correct nutrients for muscle development and growth. What is one of the healthiest foods for muscle growth, post-exercise? Egg whites. Egg whites offer a full selection of nutrients and they are also packed with protein. Find out more about egg whites and their power below.

Egg white food

  1. Egg Whites are a Powerhouse of Protein

One egg contains around 6g of protein – a large amount that represents around 15 percent of your total daily recommended intake. Eggs are a great source of protein as they have all of the amino acids you need along with the protein – crucial for bodybuilding and working out.

  1. Egg Whites Provide High Levels of Vitamins and Mineral

Vitamins and minerals are important for everyone, not least people with an active lifestyle. It is important not to lose sight of the value of minerals and vitamins for working out – many people focus too much on carbohydrates and protein. Vitamins like the B vitamins and minerals like iron and magnesium are important for helping your body use energy in an efficient way.

  1. Egg Whites are Low in Calories and Fat

Of course, you are probably thinking that you can get all these benefits from whole eggs, so why go to the trouble of separating out the whites? According to nutrition researcher, whole eggs contain a lot of cholesterol and fat. There are around 70 calories in an egg and around half the recommended daily amount of cholesterol – that’s a lot, considering you probably eat more than one egg a day, which you need to do if you are trying to get your protein from eggs. On the other hand, egg whites are practically cholesterol and fat-free; all the fat is in the yolk.

So there you go – three top reasons to eat eggs after your next workout. Eating egg whites as part of exercise routines is proven to bring health benefits and help you build better muscle. Why not try egg whites in an omelette, flavoured with herbs or spices? Or eat egg whites as part of a protein shake, or scrambled? Egg whites are versatile and can be bought ready-separated.