25 ways to eat healthy


1. Take at least three fiber products or whole grains a day. It can be whole wheat pasta, some bread or cereal fiber.

2. Do not drink your calories. Skip the soda or canned juices and select natural.

3. Add herbs and spices to your dishes, and give them flavor and use less salt when cooking.

4. When preparing a recipe that includes white flour, substitute whole wheat flour for half.

5. Consume yogurt and other foods that strengthen your intestinal flora.

6. Begin the day with a nutritious breakfast that has whole grains and lean proteins.

7. Use reduced fat and sugar, cheese, milk, mayonnaise or jam.

8. Watch your portions. A simple way is to calculate what fits in your fist. You can also use smaller plates to serve.

9. Provides fruit dessert flavored with a sauce or a scoop of light yogurt.

10. Read labels with special attention to the calories, fat, salt or sugar per serving.

11. Choose fish high in omega- 3 and 6, which help lower triglycerides and cholesterol.

12. Reduces the amount of coffee flavors, especially, frappes and cappuccinos – and drink herbal teas.

13. If you’re looking for a restaurant to eat low -calorie options on the menu.

14. Measure or weigh food portions according to packets coming in and compare the portions that you usually serve.

15. Care of your heart, consume at least 25 grams of fiber a day.

16. Reduces portions of meat and serves as many beans or other grains.

17. Skip the chips and processed snacks and replace them with cereal bars, fruit or fresh vegetables, seasoned with lemon.

18. Use spinach for salads and sandwiches, contain many vitamins and minerals.

19. Eat at least two servings of fruits or vegetables at every meal. Are fresh, contain no cholesterol and are low in sodium.

20. Adequate fruit and vegetables is one cup raw or if half cup doneness.


21. Make your own combinations of grains and fruit, homemade granola prepared with your favorite nuts and seeds.

22. A good way to change your eating habits is to keep a journal and write down everything you eat, you will soon be easy to cross off your list everything that hurts.

23. Are you hungry all day? Maybe it’s for emotional reasons you set a schedule and eat only at the appropriate times.

24. Steaming all the food you can, including rice.

25. If you follow all these tips without dieting, you will reduce calories and therefore will lose weight. And do not forget to do the exercise that you like.


Follow a proper diet plan does not mean go on a diet, but choose certain foods that make the big difference in your body and daily well-being.