10 Healthy Measures to meet years in good health

Years have passed, or older, depending on how you have lived, although the very young who follow me that you seem to age very far from you, in the stratosphere.

But today we know many things that we did not know, for example that is really young to 30 years . In our country today about 400,000 exceed 90 years, of which 75% are women.  This is one generation of genuine “survivors” who have come from difficult situations gracefully, such as civil war, war, famine or food shortage, some infectious epidemics …
The best example of how to reach this age has offered Marina Lario Esteban, one woman of 97 years who relates:
“I have lived with joy. My grandfather died at 100 years and left me this legacy.
‘ve gone to all the tours and I’ve signed up for every game, I even fought bulls heifers.
‘ve had a good life, but with little money. ”


To prevent these diseases and keep them at bay, the Foundation has developed a series of health measures.

1. Leave the snuff.
There are no magic recipes, and tips are the usual suspects, and work if you have will, but today there are drug treatments that help.
Life expectancy of women in Spain is around 81, compared to 79 men, but could be higher if the bad habit of smoking had not spread among them.
Everyone knows that snuff is the main risk factor in the development of lung cancer , as well as being a major cause of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.
Engages But so that is one of the most difficult drugs to quit,  according to Dr. Jose Cabrera.
There are people who are already in a terminal stage of cancer, or even that they are connected to a ventilator, because they can barely breathe … and keep smoking!

2. Hold off the pressure, cholesterol and glucose from youngsters, who are the 3 main enemies of cardiovascular health.
Though drugs to maintain their correct levels are taken, the threat still exists if a is not followed lifestyle correct,  one healthy eating always associated with exercise , which does not get tired of to repeat.
many people already taking drugs to combat these ailments mistakenly believe that the pill s and goes, and still taking a lot of salt, saturated fats and sweets and making a completely sedentary life.  Regarding appears overweight, despite the pills, these numbers can be altered.  These parameters, as suggested by recent studies, they are also critical to condition the brain, which requires an adequate blood supply to fully operational.

3. Watch your weight and waist.
Do not obsess over the scale, but it can be a good ally in health care.
Besides the weight must also monitor the waist circumference or what is the same amount intra-abdominal fat.  The World Health Organization, including the famous cardiologist Valentine Fuster, establish that this perimeter must be less or equal to 80 cm in women and 100 cm in men.
Higher values ​​indicate overweight or abdominal obesity with fat around, which is the most dangerous because it is associated with increased cardiovascular risk and further predisposes to diabetes and hypertension.

4. Exercise to maintain a healthy heart and brain. 
Whoever moves the legs moves the heart, and according to recent studies also keeps your brain fit. Our heart, according to Dr. Plaza, is a very simple and contractile organ disease is capable of reaching 120 years, the top of course longevity to our bodies, although some people achieve through it.  Such simplicity makes if pathology can be repaired. However, the brain is a much more complex organ, and if “flaws”, the solution to your illness is more complicated. Hence take care is a requirement to exceed lucidly 90. Should not forget that the main risk factor for neurodegenerative diseases is age, and the when they appear, are also influenced by lifestyle.

Regular exercise, besides keeping the heart healthy and contribute to a better oxygenation of the brain, acts as an antioxidant, which leads to production of more effective energy and capacity of cellular repair of the brain essential for good health.
Increases optimism, reduce stress-related hormones, increase immune function and help the heart recover after exertion.  Vigorous cardiovascular exercise at least 30 minutes 3 ​​times per week and carries oxygen-rich blood to the brain, and strength training also produces more energy for the brain.
But how do you convince the thousands and thousands of people who have never exercised and, of course, they will not be convinced until it is seen with the “noose” and often not even then?

5. Follow the healthy Mediterranean diet that has already been forgotten.
Though our illustrious Great Cobian claimed it was more difficult to change eating habits that religion, in the last 50 years many have forgotten this healthy eating and adopted the Anglo-Saxon, as harmful to our body.
Should be run from saturated fats, excess salt and sugar, all substances that are abundant in processed products.
But they are so easy to use, and they may be very rich to all this is forgotten or not taken into account, often ignoring knowingly bringing hand the overweightcholesterol, glucose and high blood pressure.

You have to enjoy fine dining in our country, based on foods very healthy , with lots of vegetables and fruits of all colors , mainly red meat and more white and blue fish and extra virgin olive oil.
And against what It has been said so far, careful legumes, which are very healthy if cooked with almost no fat, but the quantity should be decreased because they all have a lot of calories. A kilo of green beans , one of the few vegetables that consume a large majority Spanish, has 273 calories , 1 kilo of spinach or even less, 196 calories , while only 100 g of chickpeas or lentils have 329 or 327  calories respectively, or 100 g pasta 373. Sudden increases glucose should mainly for consumption by industrial sweets and fatty plaque deposits result of excessive food intake can damage the brain.

6. Knowing your genetic risk.
spite of all care, some people with healthy living with cardiovascular diseases, says Dr Plaza.
Genetics is responsible, as in the case of familial cholesterol, but as we saw against this genetics can fight …
Hence knowing the history of family diseases is so important to take precautions.
Fundamental to this is to consult with the doctor and undergo relevant reviews.
And do not get discouraged with the result.
Como warns Dr. López Trigo, reminding Shakespeare, “our body is our garden and the decisions we make are the gardeners of it.”

7. Pass the ‘ITV’ key from 45.
Besides relevant reviews every 1 or 2 years, periodic checkups s from the 45 years in both men and women or earlier if there are factors risk are essential for early detection and mitigate possible pathologies.

8. Flee stress.
Stress can also be precipitating cardiovascular diseases and complicate.
Should not be forgotten that in situations of physical or emotional stress, the body sends signals to the heart to work harder and it therefore contributes to clogging of the arteries leading to strokes. Also kills neurons. Combat is therefore fundamental.
Exercise, hobbies and specific relaxation techniques to help reduce it.
Each person has a different way to keep it at bay.

Should know that stress has a large psychological component and not so much about the activity we conduct itself and the attitudewith which you us face, psychologists warn.

9. Getting enough sleep, which can be much.
Lack of sleep is the number one cause of a confused and fragmented mental function.
Numerous studies show that people who sleep at least eight hours every night can prevent a part of the brain damage associated with age.  Sleep well, because it neutralizes free radicals that damage neurons.

10. Taking care of your mental health.

Mind plays a key role in aging.  Individuals and projects have raised average live about 7 years.  Therefore have to stay physically and mentally active and always have projects and dreams.  Good social and family relationships are a key factor for healthy aging.  And look at life with a positive attitude also helps, as Eduardo Rovira explained president of the Foundation Age and Life.

“Depressed people suffer a mortality rate of 1.5 . fold higher
contrast, optimists have a better prognosis after myocardial infarction and recover before coronary disease. ”
Another fact that points Rovira: according to a study in Ohio between 1975 and 2002, people who have a more positive image of aging live longer than those who do not expect anything from the stage of life, a step, that is increasingly harder and live better quality of life.
One thing more, among those who travel most, perhaps find the retirees .
And they do in groups, encouraging social ties.

So exercise your brain from young and tries to do or learn something new every week, to learn or improve a new language.
Many people to the 40-something or 50 years have already thrown in the towel when it comes to learning new technologies Information and Communication Technologies or ICT, and I can assure you that many and they know to send mails and little else.
O wise up and get batteries, or within a very short time will be “new illiterates sigol XXI”.
Challenging the brain with novel tasks and activities creates new neural pathways , making it more versatile and improves your ability to multitask.

Doing mental exercise every day, the old you are you have, and reading is also a great option as well as crossword puzzles.  Being extroverted, optimistic, tolerant or be involved in activities that help others, they can also contribute to greater longevity.
People tend to have happier healthier and live longer .

The key is to prevent it.
can not stop aging and cell loss, which is usually 10% per decade, but at least if we can “influence him,” so says Manuel J. Castillo, Professor of MedicalPhysiologyUniversity of Granada. 
“What can influence accelerating, ie getting a faster aging, and instead of losing decade 10% of functional capacity, can miss a 14%per decade.
But so can slow, aging at a rate of 8% per decade, or less even following all noted above.